October 26, 2016


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We're sorry. The web page you are attempting to view is a resource intended for Christadelphians only. There are plenty of areas of our web site which are accessible without authentication. Please use the main navigation to continue to explore the site.

If you are a Christadelphian, you can log in using the form below. The username is ‘christadelphian’ (without the quotes) and the password can be found in the 2003 Christadelphian Hymnbook. It is the second word of the fourth line of the first verse of Hymn 318.

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Why have we restricted access to some pages?

There are two reasons why we have restricted access to some of the web site:

  • We are very aware that when working with vulnerable groups such as children, it is important not to openly publish details of events.
  • Many of our talks are intended for a Christadelphian audience. While members of the public are welcome to attend any of our meetings in person, we don’t want our study leaders to feel that they are addressing a global audience for every event.

We trust you will understand why we need to restrict access to these areas of the site.